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Whether you were arrested for drunk driving on rural back roads or right here in downtown Portland, I have the experience and compassion to protect your rights and defend your case. My Portland DUI law firm is experienced in drunk driving defense, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you.

Whether this is your first DUII or you have previously had a DUI, it is important to have a DUI defense attorney with experience and compassion on your side.

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Fighting a drunk driving charge is not an easy feat, making it crucial to hire an experienced DUII lawyer. Defending DUII cases in Oregon involves many different steps and important deadlines. As a Portland DUII lawyer, I will stand by your side, keep you informed, and work with you to beat your DUII charge.

The drunk-driving laws in Oregon are some of the most contentious in the criminal realm and are subject to frequent changes. We boast an intricate understanding of Oregon DUII laws and take an aggressive approach to legal defense.

We have helped hundreds of Oregonians keep their freedom and licenses, and we hope to earn the privilege of being your chosen DUII legal team. Oregon courts won’t have sympathy for your case so contact us for a free review of your Oregon DUII charges.

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When you meet with me in your free 30-minute case review, you will discover how my experience, intricate understanding of Oregon DUII law, and aggressive approach to legal defense have helped my clients retain their freedom and licenses.

Please review my experience as a Portland DUI lawyer and contact us for a complimentary phone consultation. I am an affordable and experienced DUII lawyer on whom Portland has depended for years—and so can you.

Legal Options and Possible Penalties for a DUII in Oregon

If you have been charged with a DUII in Oregon, time is sensitive.

Contact me immediately to learn more about the following options that may be available to you:

  • Implied Consent Hearing. Oregon has an implied consent law that requires you, as a driver, to consent to a breath test, urine sample, or blood draw upon request by law enforcement or face a suspension of your license.Your time for response is limited. You have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to request an implied consent hearing to challenge your license suspension if you failed a breathalyzer or refused to blow into the machine.
  • DUII Diversion. This is a program that allows eligible persons to avoid a DUII conviction and the accompanying court penalties if they are able to complete the program requirements. If successfully completed, diversion will result in the dismissal of the DUI charge. The petition to enter the diversion program must be filed within 30 days of the date of arraignment. The diversion time period lasts one year, unless a petition for an extension of the diversion time period is filed within 30 days before the end of the diversion period. If an extension is granted, the diversion period may be extended for up to 180 days. Only one extension is allowed.
  • Hardship Permit. A hardship permit may be available to you if your license was suspended. Hardship permits are only available if you had a valid Oregon driver's license at the time of your suspension. Obtaining a hardship permit will require you to obtain an SR-22 from an Oregon licensed insurance company. An SR-22 provides proof to the Oregon DMV that you are insured. However, obtaining an SR-22 may have consequences on your insurance rates. Your options should be thoroughly discussed and considered before seeking a hardship permit.

DUII Penalties in Oregon Upon Conviction

DUII in Oregon is usually a Class A misdemeanor crime. Conviction of a DUII can have a wide range of penalties.

Some penalties that may be imposed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Probation (either formal probation, bench probation, or enhanced bench probation)
  • Jail time (ranging from a minimum of two days to up to one year) for a misdemeanor DUII and prison time for a felony DUII
  • Community Service
  • A license suspension/revocation of either one year, three years, or lifetime
  • A fine generally ranging from $1,000 to $6,250
  • Additional statutory fees of $130 + $97 +$66
  • An alcohol/drug evaluation plus treatment
  • Attendance at a victims' impact treatment session

Be certain that you are getting the very best legal representation, and trust me to do everything in my power to get the best possible ruling on your case. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon DUII Laws

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