What if this is my first DUII?

If found guilty on a first offense DUII, you could be fined up to $6,250.00. The minimum is $1,000. Your driver’s license will be suspended for one year, and you will be required to submit to an alcohol evaluation at your own expense and to complete any treatment program recommended by the evaluator, and you could receive one year in the county jail.

See my post on repeat DUII offenses if this is not your first DUII.

The court may also order any of the following:

  • A period of probation
  • 48 (or more) hours in jail or a minimum of 80 hours of community service
  • Unitary Assessment of $90.00
  • Statutory assessments of $225.00
  • Reimbursement for court-appointed attorney fees
  • That you obey all laws during the probation period
  • That you not drink alcohol or use or possess drugs
  • That you attend a Victims Impact Panel
  • Oregon DUII cases may not be plea-bargained to lesser charges. While such plea deals exist in some states, in Oregon this practice is prohibited by state law, specifically ORS 813.170 (*PDF File). This is yet one more reason why it is so important to consult with a top Oregon DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after a DUII arrest.

The court may allow you to spread out your fees in multiple payments.

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