Get the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) taken out early while in DUII diversion

Oregon law currently requires most DUII diversion participants to install ignition interlock devices in vehicles they operate while in diversion.  However, in 2015, the Oregon legislature passed a law that gives diversion participants the opportunity to remove the IID early. This law, ORS 813.645, establishes that if a person has had the IID installed for 6 months and had no negative reports and has entered into a treatment program and is in compliance with the program, then the person may petition the court to allow the person to remove the IID prior to the end of their diversion. 

While there clearly is a convenience incentive to having the IID removed, there also is a monetary incentive. Having an IID installed can cost anywhere from $60 to over $100 per month. This obviously adds up, in addition to all of the other fees and expenses associated with diversion, over the course of a year.

There are several requirements and steps necessary to obtain this relief. There also are some IID providers who are easier to work with and who make it easier to obtain the necessary documentation. I discuss this opportunity with all of my clients and also make recommendations on which providers tend to be the easiest to work with with all of my DUII clients. As part of my vision of my practice and the service I provide, I believe it is important to help put my clients in the best position to succeed and to interfere with their lives as little as possible.

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