“Robert Knows His Stuff and I Learned Quickly to Trust His Judgment”

“His qualifications far surpass ‘any’ expectations I held for ‘any’ given attorney. Robert Crow is that kind of person who actually cares about his clients and puts effort into helping them beyond the description his job entails. If for any reason I find myself with legal issues in the future, I can only hope he is available. I would pay top dollar for this kind of work. He answered every question in clear connotations and with direct responses. He gets information to you, he doesn’t prolong nor does he hold out. He is honest and on your side. I could easily talk to and explain things to Robert he needed to know and he understood just as easily. He made things happen, Robert knows his stuff and I learned quickly to trust his judgment. I know that any client of Robert’s will be in the best of hands and rarely if ever disappointed. I am glad to have met such an amazing lawyer with such a great heart as Robert’s. I can only be thankful that such a good lawyer ended up as my attorney.”Richard S - Oregon City, OR