What is an Oregon Expungement?

An Oregon Expungement or Record Sealing motion is a motion filed with the court in a particular case that seals or removes that case from public view as though the arrest and/or conviction never occurred.

This can assist in procuring housing, jobs, and many other societal benefits, including one’s civil and firearm rights. It can also reduce one’s Oregon criminal ranking which can reduce future conviction consequences, sometimes dramatically, saving someone months or even years in jail or prison if a properly filed expungement has been executed.

Expungements in Oregon are regulated by the Oregon Revised Statute on Setting Aside Conviction or Record of Arrest. Some juvenile, as well as adult records, may be sealed. The rules for expungement are complex and often involve waiting periods of 1 year, 3 years, and 10 years based on previous convictions as well as waiting periods based on the number of convictions.

Certain convictions are ineligible for record sealing such as traffic offenses and most major A and B felonies.

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