The Five Best Ways to Help Your DUI Lawyer Succeed

Expert Advice from a Portland DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you’ll need legal representation to help you fight the conviction. Hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you while in custody and in court can help ensure that your rights aren’t violated. However, certain mistakes can make it harder for your lawyer to create a case for you. Below are some actions you can take to help your DUI lawyer succeed in winning your case.

Watch What You Say

When being questioned by the police, watch what you say until the point that you’ve spoken with your lawyer, even if you believe you are innocent. As an American citizen, you have the constitutional right to remain silent.Your DUI attorney will work to make a case for you, but the minute you begin answering questions, the police will be able to use this evidence against you. No matter how innocent your answers are, their job is to investigate, and once you’re arrested you are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the investigators. Make your attorney’s job easier by seeking his counsel before volunteering any information.

Keep All Info Confidential

Do not disclose any information about your case to anyone outside of your lawyer. The information discussed between you and your lawyer about your case should be confidential even during your incarceration. Your activities and conversations with your family and friends over the phone may be monitored as well. Remember to use common sense when speaking to others about the specifics of your case.

Be On Time

Arrive to your court cases on time and looking presentable. This also applies to consultations with your attorney. Consultations are very important and often, they offer details about your case or updates on court dates. If you miss a consultation with your attorney, you risk not having all of the pertinent information and if you miss a court date it’s possible that a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

Be Honest

When working with your attorney, be honest. This is the only way he or she can help you. Even if you are guilty of driving under the influence, you should make sure that your attorney has all of the pertinent information. You need to be able to trust your attorney, and they need to be prepared for any circumstances that arise. When you hold something back, you make it harder for the attorney to do their job to the fullest. Make sure not to leave out any details or to twist the story in order to save face.

Keep in Contact With Your Lawyer

Information about your case may develop sporadically, so keep in contact with your lawyer in order to obtain any pertinent details. If your number has changed or your phone is in danger of being disconnected, provide the new information and alternative contact details to your attorney immediately.

Follow these tips to ensure a successful court case. Remember, your lawyer wants to make sure your rights are being upheld and that your case is heard fairly. If you violate his trust or the case’s confidentiality you may end up in even more trouble. Be fair to yourself and your lawyer to successfully fight your DUI conviction.

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Derek Dewitt 06/05/2018 08:30 AM
I like your point about not disclosing any information about your case to anyone but your lawyer. My brother was recently involved in a crash involving alcohol, so he is looking for a lawyer. I'll be sure to pass this on to him so he can find a lawyer to confide in and discuss the details of the accident with.
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Oscar Morrison 01/08/2020 01:51 PM
It's good to remember that it's important to be fully honest with your lawyer but to not talk with anyone else about the case. My son was driving home from a date last night and we got pulled over for driving intoxicated. We'll want to help him fight the case well, so we'll encourage him to find a lawyer and tell them everything that happened.
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