How much time am I facing?

Often asked questions in criminal cases are: “How much time in jail am I facing?” and “What kind of fine am I facing?”

These both are very good, and reasonable, questions.

CLASS A FELONY 20 years of prison $375,000
CLASS B FELONY 10 years of prison $250,000
CLASS C FELONY 5 years of prison $125,000
CLASS A MISDEMEANOR 1 year of jail $6,250
CLASS B MISDEMEANOR 6 months of jail $2,500
CLASS C MISDEMEANOR 30 days of jail $1,250

Some crimes, such as murder and aggravated murder, carry prison sentences that can exceed the maximums listed above and fines that may exceed the maximums above. Additionally, depending on a person’s criminal history, some convictions, such as crimes involving repeat property offenders or repeat sex offenders may exceed the maximums listed above.

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