Convicted of a DUI, how do I get my license back?

A DUI conviction in Oregon carries with it a mandatory license suspension. The length of the suspension varies based upon how many prior convictions a person has. Once the suspension period has expired, there are several more requirements that must be met in order to get your license fully reinstated.

You will be required to wait the full suspension period. Additionally, you will have to: (1) File an SR-22 insurance certificate with the DMV for 3 years (ORS 806.075); (2) Install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for 1 year for a 1st DUI conviction and 2 years for a 2nd DUI conviction (ORS 813.602(1)); and (3) Provide proof of successful alcohol treatment.

The rule establishing what constitutes proof of treatment for reinstatement following a suspension for a DUI conviction can be found in the Oregon Administrative Rules at 735-070-0085.

There are a few exceptions to the above requirements. The DMV may reinstate your driving privileges without proof of completion of treatment if one of the following exceptions applies: (1) It has been more than 15 years since the conviction; (2) a Circuit Court judge signs an order stating you have made “sufficient steps” to complete treatment; or (3) the suspension at issue was for an out of state counterpart to the Oregon DUI statute (ORS 813.010).

It is important to remember your license does not become reinstated just because the suspension period has ended. You still have to clear a few hurdles in order to become fully licensed again.


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