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The following are a selection of testimonials for the Law Office of Robert G. Crow. They are included verbatim as written by our clients of criminal defense, drug crimes defense, and DUI defense. Additional testimonials and references are available upon request.

Mr Crow was extremely respectful of my unfortunate circumstance which led me to him in the first place. Most importantly, I believe his knowledge of the Law leads him to make the most appropriate decisions for his client’s best interest. Mr Crow is able to bridge the Attorney-Client gap at first meeting. He listened to all questions and concerns which is a portrayal that shows respect. My case was handled in an appropriate, timely manner while also responding to emails and phone calls promptly. Very important when this can be a costly encounter. In my case, all my charges were dropped. Honestly, I would highly recommend Robert Crow to my friends and family. I went with my gut at our first meeting and was not let down.


Rob Crow is the best lawyer that I have met. He actually cares about his clients. Rob goes out of his way to provide a strong legal base for his clients. He has always answered any legal questions that I have had. I will only go to Rob Crow for legal help. He is a good investment.


I retained Mr. Crow for my second duii conviction. He was very responsive to my phone call, made time to meet with me in between his busy schedule and made sure I was taken care of and informed throughout the whole process. He never left me in the dark about anything and did’nt sugar coat anything for me he was a real straight shooter. In addition to that he was always very prompt and always answered my calls when i had questions. Mr. Crow is a very professional attorney and i would reccommend him to any of my peers.


His qualifications far surpass ‘any’ expectations I held for ‘any’ given attorney. Robert Crow is that kind of person who actually cares about his clients and puts effort into helping them beyond the description his job entails. If for any reason I find myself with legal issues in the future, I can only hope he is available. I would pay top dollar for this kind of work. He answered every question in clear connotations and with direct responses. He gets information to you, he doesn’t prolong nor does he hold out. He is honest and on your side. I could easily talk to and explain things to Robert he needed to know and he understood just as easily. He made things happen, Robert knows his stuff and I learned quickly to trust his judgment. I know that any client of Robert’s will be in the best of hands and rarely if ever disappointed. I am glad to have met such an amazing lawyer with such a great heart as Robert’s. I can only be thankful that such a good lawyer ended up as my attorney.


Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Rob was on top of my case from the very start. I first contacted Rob on a Sunday night during the holiday season, he immediately talked to me and met with me first thing in the morning. He was understanding of the situation and left no rock unturned. He was always easy to get a hold of, day and night. He kept me up to date and involved me every step back of the way. He works hard for his clients and takes care of them. His sense of humor really helped relieve the stress, and his dedication gave me and my family peace of mind the entire time. Thanks to him I have no convictions.

Trust Rob. You are in safe hands.


Robert returned my phone call faster than the other lawyers I called to inquire on, when he called back he was easy to understand and explained step by step what he would do as my lawyer if hired, this first phone call had me “sold”. Robert was dedicated to my case and always prepared for court, with all of the over whelming paper work needed for a DUII, Robert had it all ready to go for me to sign. Standing in a court room in front of a judge is terrifying. Robert made this process a lot easier with his humor and ability to explain the entire process to someone with no legal back ground it made it near to painless. Robert always responded to questions in emails and voice mails promptly and would even answer the phone after business hours. He had no hidden fees in his contract and was professional and was easy to work with. I would recommend Robert to anyone dealing with a DUII or any other criminal charge.


We have been so thankful for Rob’s help through a difficult situation. Not only was he professional and helpful, but what impressed us most was how Rob went out of his way to research and give additional advice when our situation was complicated by family health issues. His advice and caring professionalism relieved much of our stress and allowed us to attend to those important matters.


I would like to thank Robert for defending me in court on Thursday! My stress level was very high and I was not sure what to expect. Robert made me believe again that there is a judicial system that actually works. I’ve gotten my community service worked out and will be sending the paperwork within the week. Again, thank you so much for the work you did, and especially for a little humor, and conversation, to go along. Again thank you so much from my wife, and myself.


I was fortunate enough to have Rob as my attorney when I got a DUII this past November. He immediately called me (after work hours) to discuss what had happened. He was professional and knowledgeable on what the next steps would be. I was relieved to know that he would be handling my case. Rob always kept me informed with constant contact and follow up. I would highly recommend him for your legal needs and concerns. I had a very great experience in a not so great circumstance. Thank you again, Rob.


Robert Crow was BY far the BEST attorney that I could hire. He was highly efficient, punctual, knowledgeable, and kind. He was also there at ANY time that I needed him, and to answer any questions that I had! I truly could not be more pleased. I was quite hesitant and afraid when I had my incident. He assured me that everything was going to be okay, and thanks to his knowledge and persistence in defending me, he was right. I WILL be referring him to anyone that I think he could be of assistance to.


I am very lucky to have Rob Crow for my legal representation.  He is a true professional that has an empathetic and personalized approach to his client’s needs.  I found him to always be competent, and proficient of his knowledge of the law.  He has PROVEN himself to be a dependable lawyer that goes out of his way to make sure all my legal questions are answered.  He has helped me many times.  When anyone I come across needs legal help, I always recommend Rob Crow, because I only recommend the BEST!


Choosing Robert to represent me ended up being a fantastic decision.  He explained in detail all the legal processes I was about to undergo as well as made me feel confident about the choices I made along the way.  I ended up being very happy with the final decision made in the case.  Overall, it exceeded my expectations financially as well as legally and was a relief to have a trustworthy lawyer with remarkable experience.


Robert is an outstanding Defense Attorney and I would highly recommend his services. I was impressed that he took my first call at 8:30 on a Saturday evening and spent his night, answering all my questions. He put my mind at ease, didn’t sugar coat anything, and remained in constant contact with me throughout the entire process. I was wrongfully accused of a crime and Robert believed in me, giving me invaluable advice to clear my name.

There is nothing more terrifying than having Police show up at your doorstep in the middle of the night with accusations that could irrevocably change the course of your life and the lives of those you love. In those times, you want a great lawyer at your side, who’s ready to fight for you. I highly recommend Robert Crow.